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Peter Black - Executive Chairman

Peter Black has been appointed as Executive Director by Ofcom to lead UKPorting. He is currently stepping back from being the Executive Chairman of the OTA and brings with him an extensive history of executive management success in the communications industry. Peter has worked with many companies including BT, Thus, NTL, Concert and BT North America, specialising in businesses with a focus on telecommunications, broadband, data communications, media and information systems. He has also served as a Director with a number of small companies in various technology fields and start-up situations.

Working closely with Ofcom, Peter is enthusiastic about the creation of UKPorting and the benefits Ofcom's final statement on number portability will bring to the UK telecommunications market and consumers.

There are significant challenges in meeting the dates and functionality requirements to be successful that will require the full attention and proactive support of the all the Members of UKPorting.

Frank Chapman - Commercial Director

Frank is UKPorting’s Commercial Director. He has just completed a three year contract as the Chief Financial Officer of Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading Telecom operator, which has grown from start-up to 1.7m subscribers during that time. Roshan is part of the Aga Khan Development Network which is focused on implementing sustainable development programs in emerging markets. Given Roshan’s heritage, the company aims to be a driver in the reconstruction of Afghanistan by facilitating communication in rural areas, creating jobs and investing in local communities to drive sustainable development. Frank was responsible for developing the Administrative and Financial aspects of the company as well as Security, Legal, Government Affairs and Human Resources.

Frank also had significant involvement in the development of the regulatory framework for telecoms in Afghanistan. He lead the GSM operators in negotiations and discussions with Government Ministers and newly created Regulators in establishing the Taxation framework for the telecom industry as well as a relevant interconnection cost-model because Roshan was declared to have SMP in 2006 with 60% of the market.

Prior to joining Roshan, Frank had gained significant international financial and systems development experience having worked as CFO for a number of BellSouth operations over a period of 15 years, predominately in Europe and the United States, following ten years with Unisys in systems and finance roles. After leaving BellSouth in 2002 he started Summerfield Consultants which specialises in providing commercial support to the telecoms sector working with two major clients: Broadband Services Inc, a Denver based Cable company, as CFO for Europe and with Inquam Telecom, a Tetra operator in the UK, as Head of Sales Operations.

Frank is a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Clive Fedida - Technical Director

Clive Fedida is UKPorting’s Technical & Programme Director; previously Clive was instrumental in delivering the success of the OTA scheme that delivered robust processes, products and a viable market based on LLU in the UK. Clive has extensive technical and operational experience at senior levels of responsibility in BT and in the Local Loop Unbundling business outside BT. Since leaving BT in 2001 he has also undertaken freelance consultancy assignments across the telecoms industry. Clive brings an excellent match of skills and experience to the role of a key delivery Director of UKPorting.

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